Physical Education Section has been established since we rebuilt our school in Taiwan. Physical education section subjects to Office of Student Affairs and in charge of planning all kinds of sports-related events for the entire school. In 1991, Physical Education Section changed its name into Physical Education and Sports Section. After the publication of University Act in 1995, Physical Education and Sports Section changed its name again into Athletic Department and belongs to Office of Student Affairs. In August 1996, Athletic Department has been promoted to Level I unit and the goal is to propagate and popularize all sports-related events both in and outside our school.

Athletic Department adapts the concepts of building a strong body, developing a sound personality, human-based management, and establishing a unique physical education system to fulfill the school motto of Veritas, Bonitas, Pulchritudo and Sanctitas. Through physical activities, Athletic Department hopes to reinforce the positive relationship among staff, teachers, and students, to do more community service, to promote and build a strong interpersonal relationship and to cultivate the true spirit of team work.